Added on by John Sturr.

Yesterday I wanted to finally figure out the 3D focus tracking on the D3s.  Since the D2h I've been using the single point with continuous servo - emphasis on "single point".

So last night I sat on the front street steps with the manual and got to it - as traffic would pass I chose my subjects.  First a truck - some cars and then two Long Borders rode against traffic to the South - and the 3D tracking is a game changer.

The focus point jumps around and moves with the subject as you track - whoa!!  I'm embarrassed I haven't been using this before.

Single point or 3D is easily available with the flip of a switch on the back of the camera.  So I can easily switch between the two.

The point of all this - every once in a while break out the manual and learn more skills of your craft.