Wind Turbines sprouting like Dandilions in Hagerman

Added on by John Sturr.

A bit of a blustery day with grey skys, a bag full of my camera gear, and the hope the sun would break through the misty madness.

I really wasn't much motivated but the masters before me where I've read have said that is the time you really need to push through and force yourself to keep shooting.  Well -- I did.

The images stayed in the camera for a few days longer then usual - I received some prodding from my father-in-law and that gave me some motivation to see what I got.  I didn't get the typical wind-turbine images -- these were grey with not much contrast or color saturation - but in that I found something.

These are interesting photos -- non-typical images of Turbines.

The majority of this installation work is assumed to have been done by Fagen Construction - the Turbines are GE, General Electric in the area of Hagerman Idaho near Tuana.