Puscifer – Capitol Theater, Salt Lake City Utah

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Puscifer – Capitol Theater, Salt Lake City Utah.

Maynard Keenan with his 10 foot airstream trailer in tow approached the stage as a silent crowd
listened to his brief mantra of personal activation and existence, opened the second 
leg of his Puscifer show last night.

Flat screen monitors flanked the stage as behind the band, other projected images lit the white wall.
While talking to the crowd and dressed in jeans and "Blood into Wine" esque cowboy hat, Keenan set
up a pseudo BBQ scene with folding chairs, side tables and a fake Webber Grill as band members
joined him - including the mounted drum set on a modeled hay trailer.

His fan mix was eclectic, either pierced and tattooed or some just leaving their 
offices wearing white button down shirts and all having to enter a TSA type search of your person for cameras and recording devices.

Before the set began a pseudo documentary shown in the background projected on the 
far wall of his previous years act with a mockumentary type style of the past characters male and female which Maynard dropped, for at least this venue. Keenan appears to sarcastically mirror his fan base with the film.  His past character wears a mullet and embraces trailer living with a squeaky voiced female sidekick companion.

The set opened with familar Keenan arrangements with a heavy influence of Tool and Perfect Circle melodies and typical Keenan vocals.  Arrangements were simple but with layering became complex and the crescendo blended sounds brought control to his musical vision.
The technical mix and execution was something only personally comparable to my viewing of Emerson Lake and Palmer early '90's tour.  Puscifer was masterful.

His middle set performance brought the drummer to middle stage on a different rolled portable set of an electronic kit and the band broke from the familiar and entered the into experimental.  The sounds were non-typical combined with a mix of visual with panoramic video and images.  Most of this was melodic.
Two bottles of wine with glasses were on stage and times before and after songs Keenan would imbibe where appropriate. 

Puscifer is a creative experiment of music, visuals and mantra and Keenan's show exposed that his Puscifer performances are very serious business creatively - and he didn't disappoint.