Added on by John Sturr.
Thursday -- a client asks me if I can shoot a science lab on short notice.  I never say no - so of course I say yes.

The shoot may need to happen today, tomorrow or Monday - they really don't know.  I never say no.

I bring my gear on Friday - the mission is scrubbed.  I'm used to this from happenings in a past life.

I bring my gear on Monday - it's a go.

I get to the site and it's flurry of activity - the punch list is happening as I approach.  I'm the only
one in the place wearing a tie.

I ask some to take two steps to the right - inorder to clear the frame - others I ask to bundle up sets - some are obscured by inches of cabinets in the next room.

All went well - from the looks of it - a cave man could have come out with these images.