Added on by John Sturr.

This morning my wife dug out some empty picture frames - and as It turned out I just bought a new ink set last weekend for the Epson 2880, I think you can see where this is going.

I haven't printed in about 6 months - and printing for me is never a very fun process because my results are never the results I want.

So -- the request came in while sitting on the couch as I was having a cup a coffee - and I knew I couldn't wave this one off... I had the ink - and paper... and this "Fancy Printer".

Long story short - while I'm one-offing the two 5x7 vacation pics - I decided to switch black ink tanks and print one of my favorites of a few weeks ago in B-W on Epson's new Hot Press Bright - of course I can't post the print - but here is where I"m starting from.

The printer hasn't budged a bit after 5 minutes -- after I hit the print button... it kinda has me worried... 

it's Sunday - say a prayer for me.

Update - the print turned out amazing.  Just amazing.  The planets must have aligned - go figure.