New Tripod

Added on by John Sturr.

My tripod has worn out - it has served me well for when I purchased it as I really didn't know if I would
be using it much upon purchase - so I bought something in-between both quality and price.  I'm now finding out that it's starting to really "loosen" up becoming a bit too flexible.  

I'm shopping -- and looking at this model by Giottos - MTL-9371B

And of course I need a Head - it needs to pan and hold at least 20lbs - by Giottos - MH-1000  

There is nothing more frustrating that getting all set up - and then making all kinds of adjustments to keep your frame square.

This comes about because I shot the BYU Idaho Campus - Manwaring building last week the tripod let me know it just isn't handing the task anymore.  Time for some new blood.

Challenges of the shoot - were keeping control of the 24mm PC-e tilt shift lens.  If everything isn't
square, then it can ruin your framing and once that happens the image is un-correctable, even in post.  

If the lens is not perpendicular to the subject and it is tilted or askew then all the shifing in the world isn't
going to help.  Take your time and frame it up - and then shoot a frame, veryify the exposure, adjust
and then shoot for real.

This exterior photo was taken at close to 7:30 pm - ASA was fixed at 200 f16. 

I'm pround of this image because it represents a different aesthetic - that being a balance of reflective setting sun.