-- Penelope --

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M's sister's English Bulldog - while we were in Northern Idaho on a camping trip.  She's about 60lbs. and is a beast - but a friendly, gentle, nice beast.  We have here sister, Lola - and she's just the same in her actions !

Shot with the Nikon 1 V1 and the 30-110mm. - I know -- digital... how weird ?!?

the Family

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M with her Mother and Sister - while exploring in Central Idaho.  I'm a big fan of Idaho - great things have happened to me in that State. 

Nikon 1 V1 - Central Idaho 2016

It's been a while ...

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Yes -- it has -- between getting the Rollei 6008i worked on, and keeping in mind and getting the needed copyright registration for any new images, too much time has past.  Well -- I'll make it up.

This is a digital image - shot from the Buss stop and of the Harmon's grocery store facade.  It's really abstract - and I love it.

the Bulldogs

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Shot in April on the Rollei 6008i before I sent it in for repair.  It arrives home on Wednesday;  I can't wait -- but I digress.  These two dogs are sisters -- Lola and Penelope.  We have the Lola and she's a barrel of fun, and Penelope is with my sister in-law.

Developed and scanned in-house.

The non-interesting becomes interesting.

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This is from my Rollei 6008i - a mid 1990's medium format 120 film camera.  I love it and this image shows what it rendered.  I recognized the great window light and the scene of the recently washed dishes.  I know right -- but, for me at least, the captured image I cannot stop looking at. The grays, blacks, and whites have perfect tones - and the film does it all justice.

Home developed and scanned on a Nikon LS-8000.

OC Tanner addition

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While visiting OC Tanner as apart of a site visit - I took this.  FFKR Architects was wrapping up some of their final inspections and handing everything over to the owner very shortly.

Ilford HP5+ ISO 400 - Scanned with a Konica Minolta Dimage 5400

Back Alley

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I take the camera with me everywhere.  And it's nice my Wife is understanding and keeps a good attitude as it usually means an extra piece of luggage or bag I have to carry.  This day was like no other - I had the camera, and as I drove into the parking garage to the UPS Store - this appeared.

Shot on the Nikon F100 with Ilford HP5+.

The bridge

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I’m back on 120 film with this image.  Shot in December at the University of Utah bridge.  I didn’t take notes of what I shot it with but I would bet it was the Yashicamat 124G.  

Only recently have I had the battery re-built on the Rollei 6008 - so I’ll be posting what I’ve shot with that much more in the future.  That Rollei is a gem now !

 University of Utah - 2015

University of Utah - 2015

The big Negative

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I run a constant battle between which format of film I shoot or choose to shoot.  

I really like the big negative which is why I really love the 120 format, aka, Medium Format - or if you are really old skool you may call it 2-1/4.  2-1/4” which is the square format of the negative in inches.

But — I also have my Nikno F100 body in 35mm.  Scanning the 35mm is super easy- and I love that.  And the body is easy to carry around from place to place — and I have many lenses to choose from.

 Nikon F100 - Ilford HP5+ - Home developed and scanned - SLC Utah

Nikon F100 - Ilford HP5+ - Home developed and scanned - SLC Utah

Digital -- what ??

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It has been a while since I have posted something from the V1 Nikon.  A model of camera of which I love and one which I hope Nikon will update with a V4.  I hope very soon.

This image is from Disney Land - December 2015.  Native monochrome.

an Early Morning

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This is Yellowstone in the early morning - and a great way to beat the crowds.  Most others are trying to figure out their day ahead, or maybe just taking it easy.  An early wakeup, a piece of fruit and a cup of coffee is all you need.

Madeline and I started making our way to each stop as the Sun was on its way to rise.

Photographers are standing on the walk way - waiting for geyser to shoot.

Rollei 6008i - Fuji Film - Nikon LS8000 scan