John Sturr -

  • My style is single point perspective, geometric, strong, and relies heavily upon the grid. 
  • Images are tack sharp and post production is minimal.  
  • The forms of mid-Century Modernism inspire my work, and I'm a fan of Shulman, Blessing and the masters of Bauhaus.
  • The final product needs to be sharp as a Tack - composed with balance and framed in camera as the eye disects - "Highlights", "Sharpness" and "Composition" - in that order.  I get everything in camera - and I am proud of that.

    Licensing is perpetual for anything related to proposal type marketing.  Images used in a commercial advertisement or other type of non-proposal publication would require a different type of agreement.  For example, if a magazine publisher wanted to run a photo on their cover, then a negotiated licensing fee would apply.  All licensing scenarios are about needed use, and that is where licensing applies, as needed use determines fees.

    I welcome the opportunity to discuss creative solutions for you or your firm's needs.